What are the procedures for a divorce?

The divorce process in Michigan is straight forward.  A divorce starts with the filing of a divorce complaint.  The complaint is a document filed with the court that states basic facts about your divorce such as names of the parties, names of children, and residency requirements.  An answer to the complaint is typically filed stating that the defendant agrees or disagrees with the statement.

Next, a temporary order is typically entered by the court.  It states the parties rights and obligations until the case is over.  It includes use of a home, use of cars, custody, child support, spousal support, and other issues between the parties.

After the waiting period, a divorce judgment is prepared which states the parties final rights and obligations.  It will state who is awarded what property an debts.  It will include all child custody, parenting time, and support issues.  The judgment is entered whit a pro con hearing that confirms the terms of the judgment and jurisdictional requirements.  This is the basic uncontested divorce.  If the case is contested, there is additional steps.